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Ahuva Gamliel has both a Naturopathic Doctor degree and a Master’s in Acupuncture that ahe earned from Bastyr University. This university is a world renowned school for evidence-based natural medicine. Ahuva is a licensed Acupuncture Physician/Primary Care Provider and been featured on multiple television stations such as Channel 10, Univision Channel 23, and Channel 6. She has also been featured on eHOW and numerous radio and internet interviews as an expert in her field. Along with these credentials, she also has specialty certifications in treating addictions with acupuncture as well as in vitamin and homeopathic injection therapy.

Before getting established in South Florida, Dr. Gamliel did an internship in acupuncture in Chengdu, China and became one of the first to introduce acupuncture aboard cruise ships. She has been a holistic health care provider for over 18 years.

Her passion and focus is fueled by helping people to heal themselves. Because education and prevention are paramount to achieving this goal, Dr. Gamliel taught holistic medicine courses at Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida where she was a Professor of Alternative Medicine. She has also been a guest lecturer at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami and Miami Dade College.

Dr. Gamliel enjoys empowering her patients to take responsibility for improving their health by providing them with information and recommendations for optimal well-being: mind-body-spirit. 

She accomplishes this using the 7 principles of Naturopathic medicine:

  • Do no harm
  • Utilize the healing power of nature
  • Identify and treat the cause
  • Treat the whole person
  • Prevention is the best cure
  • Establish health & wellness
  • Physician as teacher

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Overcoming the Dangerous Cycle of Inactivity and Fatigue

The American Medical Association estimates that one in three Americans is obese. Not only is being overweight inconvenient, but it is also bad for your health and happiness.

There are several reasons why people choose not to exercise. Here are some simple ideas to get around those justifications and produce results!


Unfortunately, stress is the leading contributing factor in many preventable life-threatening illnesses.  Therefore, it is vital for us to get our stress levels under control! 

The Labor Statistics Bureau estimates that the typical American does 40 to 50 hours work per week. Finding energy and time to exercise with this kind of schedule is undoubtedly difficult, however, it is possible! Waking up 10 to 30 minutes sooner daily might not be an option for people who are mom and dad* and must wake up very early to get their children off to school. After work, homework, showers, dinner, and tiredness. How then do you escape this situation? Make it happen!

Use 30 minutes of your one-hour lunch break to stroll through the neighborhood or visit a mall. The same thing can be done with shorter breaks. There are various activities you may engage in at work, even while working, to burn calories, increase circulation, and improve your life and health, if the conditions are not suitable for going for a stroll outside. Here are some suggestions.

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