Tapping into the Power of the Mind

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Tapping into the Power of the Mind

Children are naturally very imaginative.  They have invisible friends, talk to themselves, and are generally happy.  Then what happens?  Parents, teachers and society tell children to stop it!  They demand for children to be serious, grow-up, and stop pretending.  As children, we obeyed authority because we wanted to be good boys and girls (and not get punished).  In this process, we lost a vital aspect of ourselves, the power of our imagination to cultivate various realities.

The mind cannot distinguish between what is imagined and what is real.  That is one of the reasons why the law of attraction works.  The law of attraction states that where your mind goes, energy flows.  To paraphrase, what you think, you become.  A documentary called The Secret is full of positive testimonials on this matter.

When the mind is programmed (with positive thoughts and affirmations) to believe what we want to believe (whether true or imagined), we become co-creators in manifesting the life that we want (as opposed to the life that we got).

The incorporation of as many senses into the imagery process as possible is vital for it to work.  If someone has a goal to take a trip to Australia, for example, they could put a picture of their dream trip somewhere that they would see it every day, and meditate on what it feels like to be there.  In their mind, they would feel the sand on their feet, smell the ocean breeze, hear the birds chirping, taste the vegemite sandwich etc.  They would do this on a regular basis until that dream became a reality.  Countless people who have performed mental exercises such as this one, consistently over-time, have reported positive outcomes.  It's certainly worth trying!

Napoleon Hill is a classic speaker on this subject.  After reading his best-selling book, "Think and Grow Rich," I found his videos on youtube which I found very inspirational and motivational.

Repeating positive affirmations (a form of prayer and meditation or a mantra) is very productive and utilized in many religions.  It can be done for mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial healing and more!  As they say, the only limitation is your imagination!


Louise Hay is one of the best experts in the field of positive affirmations.  She has written books on the subject and also has CDs on the topic.  There are also numerous resources from her online as well.

The power of the mind has been well-documented scientifically.  There are numerous articles published in scientific literature which prove that "mind over matter" is a real phenomenon that can be utilized for numerous things including not using anesthesia during MRI for claustrophobic adults and using acupuncture for pain control during surgey!

For mental health and wellbeing, doctors of naturopathic medicine may prescribe breathwork or meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, tapping, journalling or other holistic or alternative medicine practices such as homeopathic medicine.  In mainstream medicine, even functional medicine doctors are acknowledging and addressing the powerful and potent effect that the mind can have on healing.  There is even a case study of a man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and laughed himself into remission.  Instead of becoming depressed, he decided to rent his favorite Charlie Chaplin movies and flood his brain and body with healing neurotransmitters which facilitated healing. 

What will you utilize the power of your mind to create?  The possibilities are endless!

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