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Natural Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

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Natural Medicine Cabinet MUST HAVES

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Holistic medicine is founded upon nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle.  Lifestyle includes sufficient and good quality sleep, clean air, nature, sunshine (Vitamin D) stress reduction  techniques such as meditation and relaxation activities,  not smoking  and not consuming alcohol in excess. Physical activity means not living a sedentary (couch potato) life.  Exercise will vary according to people's age, needs, and health/fitness goals, but generally 20-60 minutes 3-5 days per week.

Nutrition is a very broad topic and different diets may benefit different people.  In general, however, Americans are consuming way too many processed foods (toxins) and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables (fiber).  This is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes which affects 1 in 3 people in the USA. Even vegetarians who eat organic produce may have nutrient deficiencies due to the mineral depletion of our soil. Natural supplements can help compensate for that and assist people to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  

That is why Dr Gamliel created a list of common health concerns with corresponding natural supplement recommendations that she offers on her health store  on her website.  Each recommendation is a hyperlink which will take you to a specific product that can be purchased online.

Please note that with naturopathic medicine, there is no magic bullet or quick fix, we need to find and treat the cause of the condition.  Therefore, these homeopathic and herbal supplement suggestions are simply general ideas of safe products to try but they are not intended as an alternative to seeking competent medical care.  If you have a condition on the list and wish to take one of the remedies suggested, please have the product supervised and approved by your  primary care provider prior to taking it to prevent any possible drug-herb interaction, or side-effects etc.  Although a substance may be benign, it may not be right for everyone.    

For a personalized phone consultation with recommendations that are right for you, please call (786)537-0771  Eastern Standard Time.