How to Harness the power of the mind

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How to Harness the power of the mind

How to Harness the power of the mind

Children have a lot of imagination by nature. Their unique design means they are creative by birth. They converse with themselves, have unseen pals, and are generally content. What happens next is what most children go through. Children are warned to tone down their creativity and imagination by their parents, schools, and society. They insist that kids take themselves seriously, mature, and quit playing pretend. We followed rules when we were young because we wanted to be good boys and girls (and not get punished). Our ability to create different realities using our imagination was something we lost in the process.

The mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. One of the causes of the law of attraction's effectiveness is this. According to the law of attraction, energy travels in the direction of your thoughts. To paraphrase, you become what you think. The Secret, a documentary, is chock full of encouraging testimonies on this subject. When the mind is trained to believe what we want it to think (whether it is factual or imagined), we become co-creators in creating the world we want (as opposed to the life that we got).

For the imaging process to be effective, as many senses as possible must be included. For instance, if someone wants to travel to Australia, they may hang a photo of their ideal vacation somewhere they will see it every day and imagine themselves there as they meditate. They would imagine themselves walking on the shore, smelling the ocean wind, hearing birds chirping, tasting a vegemite sandwich, etc. They would continue doing this till their goal came true. Numerous people who have persistently engaged in mental exercises like these over time have experienced beneficial results. It's definitely worth a shot!

Positive affirmations, often known as mantras or prayers, are incredibly effective and are used in many religions. Healing on all levels is possible, including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial ones. The only restriction is your creativity, as they say.n One of the top authorities on positive affirmations is Louise Hay. She's authored books and recorded CDs about the issue. She has a ton of resources available online as well.

The power of the mind has a long history in science. Numerous studies have shown that "mind over matter" is a genuine phenomenon that may be used for various purposes, such as allowing claustrophobic individuals to undergo an MRI without anaesthetic and employing acupuncture to manage pain during surgery!

Naturopathic physicians may recommend breathwork, meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, tapping, journaling, or other complementary or alternative medical procedures for mental health and welfare. Even doctors who practice functional medicine are realising and addressing the strong and intense impact that the mind may have on healing in conventional medicine. Even a case study of a guy with terminal cancer who laughed himself into remission is included. He chose to avoid depression by renting his favourite Charlie Chaplin films, which sent healing neurotransmitters into his body and brain and helped him recover.

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