What is 5G ElectroMagnetic Radiation?

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Electro Magnetic Radiation

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What is 5G Electro Magnetic Radiation? 

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What are the possible known and unknown effects that 5G (towers) may have on your health and your family's health?

There are a few things to consider and a few things to do about it.

First, just because 5G cellular towers might not be seen in your neighborhood, it does not mean there is no 5G exposure near you.  5g broadband cellular networks are being implanted underground in many neighborhoods so although you might not see it, it may still be there.  A good protection from the 5G radiation is to surround your home or office with trees and plants.  Plants, trees, and certain gemstones are mother nature's protective shield from potentially harmful (yet) invisible radiation rays.  

Next is that 5G phone service is not automatic UNLESS your cell phone is equipped for it (which all the newer ones are). Your cell phone provider can give you details about your device and its capabilities.  The latest model cell phones are 5G enabled and it cannot be disabled. There is an option to downgrade to an older model cell phone, which has only 4G capabilities. It may be slower, but it might be less harmful in terms of radiation exposure, although the science is inconclusive.

Along with technological advances, there sometimes come disadvantages.  The question is, are we willing to pay for it with our health?  Is that a risk we want to take? The information out there is controversial and there are conflicting claims on both sides, but isn't it better to err on the side of safety? If radiation exposure is a known and established risk factor for health conditions such as cancer, I am interested in mitigating my risk and exposure to potentially harmful rays and chemicals etc as much as possible.  This means that I elect for the pat down in airports, use a 4G phone, and utilize counter-radiation technology.

Personal protective devices are small and can be placed in your pocket, purse or backpack.  I have one in my fanny pack.  There are also stickers made for cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices, to reduce and limit exposure to 5G and EMF radiation emitted from these devices.

The Aires Guardian, for example, can be utilized to protect frequently used devices against electromagnetic radiation pollution. Aires Guardian has three next-generation silicon-based microprocessors that reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices commonly found at home or in the office.

This patented nanotechnology is independently tested by third parties and has an effectiveness radius of 5 to 26 ft.  

This particular company was founded in 2012. It has invested over $20 Million dollars in research and development. The results of the significant research and development investment have created 11 patents, 14 pending patents, and 18 pending trademarks. 

These are 8 peer reviewed studies on the products   https://www.airestech.com/documents/peer-reviewed-studies/

This company makes device, personal and area protective gear and they also offer family bundles. 

Please click here  to purchase products to protect yourself and your family from EMF Radiation.

I hope that this information helps to protect you and yours by lowering the risk of radiation induced illnesses. For additional health promoting products, please visit the health store link from the drop down menu on my website  www.drgamliel.com today!