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Corporate and Individual Health Consulting, Local and Virtual

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When Covid hit, many industries continued conducting business by providing online services. Zoom and other video calling platforms was and still is utilized by courts, schools, and other businesses. Food delivery services increased and many cities enabled customers to apply for permits and other services online. Not only did this allow for people to prevent spreading the virus by having less physical contact with others, but the convenience factor has created an opportunity that was either underutilized or nonexistent before Covid.

There's no doubt that Covid unfortunately brought many tragedies and crises, but the gift of online, virtual, and remote services is seeming to outlast the temporary pandemic. It seems that online services are here to stay.

One of the blessings of online services includes telehealth, telemedicine, and telewellness services. Nowadays, many facilities are providing patients with the ability to consult with a professional health care provider from the comfort of their own home or office. This services is especially valuable for the elderly population who don't drive, sick patients who don't want to get other people sick in the waiting room (or from shared bathrooms), and other people who are not as mobile and getting out of the house can be a real challenge. It also saves on the commute time, gas expenses, parking expenses, the aggravation of traffic and unexpected detours, wear and tear on the vehicle, accidents etc and is much more advantageous overall. Busy people who work long hours can schedule a quick medical appointment over the phone during a break. Prescriptions can be faxed or emailed. It just makes life easier. It makes more sense.

In South Florida, Dr Gamliel is offering tele-health and tele-wellness services. People from all over the world and of all ages can have a holistic health consultation over the phone or via zoom with a licensed Acupuncture Physician/Primary Care Provider. The 1 hour consultation includes history, evaluation and treatment plan (which is also emailed to the patient). The treatment plan may consist of any of the following: nutrition and supplement recommendations, herbal or homeopathic medicine recommendation, recommended blood work and/or diagnostic imaging and testing, exercise/stretching, other home care or referrals and more.

These sessions are ideal for prevention and wellness but the truth is that most people seek health care recommendations when they have a specific health concern. Holistic medicine offers many alternatives to the conventional medications which often have toxic side effects. More and more people are searching for alternative options, especially once they've exhausted other treatments which did not meet their expectations.

Companies that wish to offer workplace wellness to their employees may utilize individual or group consulting services either onsite or online to help their employees reduce stress and perform their best. When employees feel well cared for, it boosts company morale and employee retention. These are just a few of the numerous benefits of onsite or virtual workplace wellness services.

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A 30 minute ear acupuncture and guided meditation session in a conference or multi-purpose room can be utilized for stress reduction, smoking cessation, detoxification, and address various health concerns for the participants. It might even be covered by the individual's health insurance plan. Herbal ear plasters may be utilized to extend the benefits of the treatment for several days or even weeks.

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With so many benefits to virtual appointments, it's no wonder that this field is rapidly growing and expanding. 1 in 5 doctors is now offering tele-health services. We welcome you to discover your optimal health and wellbeing with the holistic health services offered both virtually and onsite in South Florida. Contact us today to discuss the plan that's right for you, your family, and/or your business.